Getting inspired is not a passive activity. It requires curiosity and an open-minded approach.

It also requires time and effort to organize everything. I've gather my best insights for you to start here:

Collect and organize inspiration

I've chosen Pinterest as my main tool, fell free to use alternative products such as Mymind

  • Create a new Pinterest account linked to your work email
  • Download the Pinterest app on your phone
  • Add the Pin Chrome extension to your favorite browser
  • Create new empty boards based on your interests or follow my suggestion below

Inspiration boards

📊 Frameworks
The one place to gather all of your great visual frameworks, process, methodologies, venn diagrams, ... related to our professional world
🖌 Graphic design
My favorite board, it's really here that you can cultivate your own graphic style. You can also create new ones for each year and see how your taste evolves!
📸 Mobile screenshot
Great to gather cool screenshots taken from your smartphone
📸 Desktop screenshot
Great to gather cool scrennshots taken from your computer
🦾 Industrial design
Collect your favorite physical products
Collection • [name]
Great for additional ad-hoc collections (3D icons, animations, etc. depending on your current focus or design trend)
Project • [name]
Separate your projects finding from your favorite discoveries by creating board for each of them

Now that you're ready to find the magical inspiration, where do you search it?

My top 3 sources of inspiration:

  • Muzli chrome extension (everytime you open a new tab, you land with tons of inspiration to browse from - customize your sources of interest)
  • Awwward (the awards of design, creativity and innovation on the internet)
  • Fubiz (the latest creative news about art, design and pop-culture)

Time to be inspired!

Don't forget, what's important is the daily curation of your curiosity that will make all of those efforts valuable and actionable for your projects.

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