Product Requirements

I like to think about Product Requirements this way:

It's all the specifications required to archive a perfect execution that can't be understood visually from your design.

So, even though an image is better than a thousand words. Your image can't convey everything that's in your head. That's why you need to write down product specifications.

How to write product specifications?

Follow the structure below and you'll be able to write complete specification for your next feature

Feature name


  • E.g. Simplify the user experience, reduce friction etc...

Background and strategic fit

Why are you doing this? How does this relate to your overall product strategy?


List the assumptions you have such as user, technical or other business assumptions.

  • E.g. Users will primarily access this feature from a tablet


TitleImportanceUser StoryNotes
Short identifier for the story
Must Have
Describe the user and what they are trying to achieve
Additional considerations or noteworthy references (links, issues)
Should have
As a user I want to ... in order to ...
Nice to have
Won't have

1. [First Requirement]

  • Details about the first requirement

User interaction and design

→ Insert your 🏛 Information architecture here

→ Insert your 🏗 Flowchart here

→ Insert your 💗 Figma prototype here

Below is a list of questions to be addressed by delivery team


(e.g. How we make users more aware of this feature?)
Communicate the decision reached

Won't have

  • List the features discussed which are out of scope or might be revisited in a later release.

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